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Tara is a 15 year old girl who is "Hopelessly Devoted to David" just like the rest of us. She has a website for him by this name! Before you read this, think how you would have felt if you'd met David at that age! (I would never have made it to my ripe old age, personally!!) The link to her page is on my Links and Addresses page, also!


How I Met Davy Jones
(the God!)

By: Tara Harbour


This is how I met Davy Jones,
the 2nd most incredible man and God,
next to John Lennon of course!

He was in the Alton Belle Casino River Boat in Alton, Illinois.

That's about an hour away from
Springfield, where I live.

I knew he was gonna be there,
so I begged my mom to take me.
Of course she said no,
because it's a casino,
and you have to be 21 years old to get in.

So then it came to the last day
that he was gonna be there.
I begged my aunt and uncle
to take me and my friend Lacey,
just to maybe catch a glimpse of him.

They said yes and we drove down there
My cousins
(little kids who don't really know
who the Monkees are).
my aunt, uncle, my friend Lacey,
and I rode in one van.
So we got there,
and even as we were pulling up
to the casino, we were screaming
because Davy Jones was in THAT building.

Then we parked
in front of the building while my aunt
went to go find out where he was.
She came back and said that the Valet guy said
that he was already in there and was on the 3rd floor.

Then we asked her to go in with us,
and she said that WE were the ones
that wanted to see him,
and we had to go in by ourselves.
We didn't really want to,
like, in case we got caught, and couldn't go in or something!

But we did.
We went in there with our books for him to sign and a camera.
We were really nervous,
and my legs were shaking.

We walked in, and there were a lot of adults.
It was really nice,
but there was a lot of cigar smoke.
So we walked up the lighted stairs.
(We had to go up 3 flights of stairs.)
When we got up there, we went down a bunch
of empty hallways and we didn't see anything
that we might think he would be in.
So we went to the bathroom on the same floor.

While Lacey went to the bathroom,
there were these two ladies in there,
and I asked them if they knew where Davy Jones was.
They said he was on the 2nd floor,
and that the tickets cost $12.50.
They also said that they thought
that you had be 21 to see him.

So we went back outside to the van
and we asked for some money.
Of course my aunt didn't bring any
and my mum didn't give me any before I left.
It's a good thing Lacey had some,
and I had some change in my pocket.

So we begged my aunt
to go see him perform for us,
to at least get some pictures.
After a while, she said yes,
so we gave her the money.
She went in there with us,
and we went back up to the 2nd floor
where he was gonna perform.
We got at the top of the stairs
when a guard asked us for some ID.
Of course we didn't have any,
because we were only 14.
We begged him to let us stay.
We told him that we LOVE Davy,
and he just laughed.

So Lacey and I went to go sit back down
on the bottom of the stairs, on the first floor.
We were feeling all depressed
because WE wanted to see him.
And all the way downstairs we kept seeing posters advertising him everywhere.

While we sat on the stairs,
my aunt went to the 2nd floor, and whined about
how long the line was.
When she was in line,
she was talking to some lady in front of her,
telling her that she doesn't even like Davy,
(Which is too bad for her,
because she's real pretty, so she could get him!!)
and that she was there for us.
The lady told her that Davy was downstairs
signing autographs in the Jackpot Room.

So my aunt came downstairs and told us about it,
and me and Lacey ran to the entrance of
The Jackpot Room.
We stood there waiting for my aunt
and I kind of looked inside and it was a bar.
It was kind of dark and there were people
sitting in a bunch of tables,
and a few people gathered around a table.
When I saw a camera flash go off,
I knew he was in there, and I screamed and ran in.

Still screaming,
everybody in there turned around and looked at us,
even Davy.
When he looked at us, he was sitting
at a table signing autographs,
he had a confused look on his face,
and said, "'Ello!"
Then he started signing autographs again.

By then me and Lacey were pretty much hyperventilating,
and there was a small line to get an autograph.
So we got in line and I turned to Lacey and said,
"Oh my god, it's Davy Jones and I think I'm gonna cry!"
She said she was gonna cry too.
So right then me and her started bawling!!!!

We had tears pouring out of our eyes,
and our faces were red, and we were crying out loud,
like whimpering dogs!!
I kept pointing at him and saying,
"Oh my god, it's Davy Jones!!!"
When we got up there, he said,
"'Ello, nice to see you."
I handed him my Monkees book with the page I had marked
(which is page 99 and it's the big black and white photo of him)
He took it while I was staring at him,
bawling like a freaking baby.
He must have thought we were most pathetic people!!
Then he signed Lacey's book, and asked my aunt
if she wanted to get a picture of us together.
She said yes, if he would,
so he got up from his chair, went around the table and said,
"Alright, here we go."

He had to put his arm up high,
because I'm a few inches taller than him.
(5'8" to be exact!)

It was the most incredible feeling in the world,
to have Davy Jones have his arm around your shoulders!!!!
I felt like I was gonna pass out!
I was still bawling like a baby too!
Then after one picture, he said,
"You want another one?", and said something about the flash not going off.

Just hearing his British accent made me scream!!!
He was so adorable and cute. He was wearing
a short sleeved black shirt and some black pants
which he looked so fine in!!.
I was so weak and my legs couldn't move at all.
Then for some stupid reason, after the pictures,
we left!

He had to go too,
because it was 9:30 and time for him to perform.
My aunt didn't even stay to get any pictures!
Me and Lacey were bawling all the way home!
I felt just Like Marcia Brady but I didn't kiss him!
Then I would have really passed out!

This was truly the most exciting thing
that has EVER happened to me, EVER!
I will never forget it.
In my book, he signed "Love Davy Jones",
and in Lacey's book he wrote "Love ya, Davy Jones".
I wish he would have put that in mine!

He also handed me some papers.
One from Hercules Promotions to order Davy stuff,
and one with the Teen Idol tour dates on it.
I also hung up the same shirt that he touched me on.
I'm never gonna wash it or touch it again.
It's pinned to my wall!
This is not something you can just forget,
because every day I am always thinking about how I met him!

Here's the picture of me, Davy, and Lacey.
I'm the tall blond on the right!

You have to remember, we were bawling our eyes out too,
so that's why our faces are so red!

It's just my luck to have looked so terrible
when meeting that God!!

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