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David has made so many contributions to music as we know it. His (and the Monkees') songs are still on the radio and in the stores to this day. On this page, I have included stories from different fans that show just what this legacy he has given us can mean to all kinds of people. He has made a difference in many lives, not only with his music, but with his kind heart as well.

A story from Gail Friel, taken from a letter that she sent to David in December 1998---and these gorgeous pictures are courtesy of her, also!



You often hear how your music reaches the hearts of generations to generations. But as I discovered a short time ago, it reaches "cross" generations as well...

 I work with 5 adults who are developmentally delayed. Their ages range from 21 to 37 years of age.

I was taking them to a party one night, and happened to have a "Davy and Micky" cassette tape with me. I put the tape in the van's tape player, and once they heard the beginning of "Brady Bunch", they all blurted out and started singing along.

When the song "Girl" followed, they sang louder, more off-key then I've ever heard, and totally out of sync with one another.

As I started thinking how awful they sounded, I stopped myself from asking them to be quiet. I started listening a little closer, and it was then I realized they were sincerely singing from the bottom of their hearts.

Suddenly the singing didn't sound so bad--I knew EVERYBODY loved David!


Love you,




This second story is also in a letter form. It's from Shari Snyder, who lives about 30 miles from Beavertown, and has had the chance to see David several times.

David's love of children and animals is well known, and this story tells about both. If it's possible, these kinds of stories make me love him even more.....


Shari's Story

My daughter, Katherine, or Katie, who is now 7 years of age, has come to know and love the old sitcom favorites of the 50's, 60's, and 70's, thanks to a cable channel known as NICKELODEON; and its new companion channel, TV LAND. She adores such shows as "The Brady Bunch" and "I Love Lucy".

One evening without warning, I heard a familiar tune. As I drew near to the television, there, on NICK at NITE, was that zany old show, "The Monkees". It was as though time had stood still...

As my daughter and I watched, for me it was a stroll down memory lane, remembering the "Teen Idol" days of my youth, and those magazines like TIGER BEAT, with all the heart-throbs...especially Davy Jones!

Children adore harmless fun, and Katie is no exception. She honed right in on the slapstick antics that captured the childlike innocence of the Monkees.

Katie continued to watch the show, enjoying it every time. There was even a marathon of shows all evening.

Then it was announced that the Monkees tour would be coming to the Bloomsburg Fair, in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. I was anxious to see the show, and Katie asked if she could tag along as she was caught up in the hype of the tv series.

After the show at the fair, the crush began for Davy Jones. While at such a young age, I was not certain that she could distinguish the television show from the show at the fair, but Davy's boyish looks captivated her. It seemed like it was "Tiger Beat" days all over again!

We then heard a radio advertisement that Davy would be performing at the Front Street Station in Northumberland, PA. Katie was ecstatic and asked if we could go to his show. Little did I know what an impact he would eventually have on my daughter's life.

Through different sources, we had heard of Davy's love for animals; in particular, horses. Katie has a menagerie of pets of her own, one being her Shetland pony, Cochise. The day before Davy was to appear at the Front Street Station, Katie took a spill while riding her pony. She was more scared than hurt, but was emphatic that she did not want to ride Cochise again.


The next day, we went to see Davy. At the end of his performance, we stood in line to speak with him and obtain his autograph. Katie was so excited! As we approached him, his greeting to her was, "'ello, pretty girl!" in that British accent. She told him about Cochise, and he encouraged her not to give up, but to keep riding.

Those words impacted her greatly, and had her counting the hours till the next morning when she could get back on her pony. And she has been riding ever since.

Later, Katie sent him a letter, telling him how much she enjoyed the show, and thanking him for all his kindness. To our surprise, several days afterwards, she received an autographed picture of David standing in the barn with his horse!

Bless you, David. Those few minutes you took out of your busy schedule made a big difference in a little girl's life!



Shari & Katie


This next story is an example of the kind of joy and magic that David seems to carry with him all the time. He seems to know inherently that he can make such a difference in other people's lives, and seeks to do this at every opportunity. The story was submitted by Cindy Rosecrans, and we are honored to present it.


........Back in 1994, my husband, myself, my mother-in-law, and all four of our young children were poisoned for three months by an old furnace leaking carbon monoxide. It nearly killed us. We were sick constantly. After the furnace was discovered, permanant neurological and brain damage had occured in two of our children, my husband, myself, and mother-in-law from the toxic gas and lack of oxygen to the brain.

For the next four years, we took ourselves and our children to over 50 doctors, trying to find out the extent of the damage, and possible treatments for the carbon monoxide poisoning. The two affected children became almost impossible to handle, developed behaviour problems they were unable to control, and started failing school. They could not, and still can't, maintain concentration in class, and have extreme difficulties retaining information. My husband had the same difficulties, and it has cost him several promotions at work. Myself, I gained over 100 pounds; due to lack of exercise and lethargy from the poisoning. My sense of taste and hearing has been permanantly affected, and I slipped into a deep depression.

The last year has been torture for our family, tearing us apart. We were constantly fighting, and it had left us near bankruptcy. One thing, though, that would always calm the kids and put a smile on everyone's face, was playing anything by the Monkees. See, I've been a David Jones and Monkees fan for 30 years. I even named my youngest David in his honor. My four little Monkeenauts adore David and the Monkees. So when we heard that David Jones was appearing in Syracuse, NY. at the State Fair for the Teen Idols Tour, my husband and I agreed that we would travel the 170 miles round trip JUST to see him, and let the kids have one tiny enjoyment.


We let the mortgage go to be able to see him, and two of the children begged to go instead of having a birthday party. (their birthdays were September and fact, one's birthday was right on the day we went.)

A few days before we went, the sweet woman that runs David's official page forwarded a signing we did of his guestbook, telling about our medical and financial problems, and our determination to meet him.

David found out about it, and invited us backstage to meet him personally. NEVER have my kids been so excited. We sang Monkee songs the whole 80 mile drive, communicating and loving each other as a real family for the first time in years.

THEN came the biggest thrill in my family's life! We were invited to a private area to meet David. He was WARM, LOVING. He hugged all my kids, posed for pictures, even letting the little one take his picture by stooping down for him. He even planted a kiss on my cheek--- the ONE MAN whose music and talent I had adored for over 30 years!


OH MY GOD, were the kids thrilled! They love him almost as much as I do. We had such a wonderful ride back to the house it brought tears to my eyes. Yes, we got way behind on our bills and our mortgage, but for David, it was worth it.

Now, four months later, the children STILL enjoy telling everyone in their class how they met David Jones. The tension in our home has dropped almost 50%. The medical problems don't seem quite so hard to deal with.

And mom? Well, Mom here lost over 60 pounds in three months. Even today, we still laugh together and crank up the stereo to Monkee tunes. Yes, the medical problems are still there. I'm still facing four members of my family having permanant damage done to their bodies from this gas, and we are still dangerously close to losing our home.

But one act of kindness from a wonderful performer for his fans has made it much easier to bear for us. We will always be grateful to this sweet, caring performer who put his fans' prioritys first.


Cindy Rosecrans, and assorted Davidaholics.


This next story I have added quite a time after the first three. It may seem to be a little out of context, but then again, though it's a concert review, its also a review of the relationships that David has brought to us, his fans. And that's a pretty good legacy in itself! Again, here is Gail Friel.....

Review of Lancaster, PA concert
February 13, 1999


    I initially thought to myself, "Lancaster...where in the world is Conestoga Middle school?"

I think a few more folks had the same thoughts and nervousness about finding the school. When I pulled into the parking lot at 4:30 PM, there were other cars there as well. One car had a group of girls in it, who were waving at me frantically as if I was supposed to know them. There were quite a few of them bunched up in the red car with New Jersey plates on it. Little did I know that would help in setting "the mood" for the evening.

Once people were allowed into the lobby, fans started recognizing one another from various concerts. The girls I saw in the parking lot turned out to be people I had met at Mt. Airy over Labor Day weekend. Folks were talking about other concerts and purchasing some of David's merchandise--new as well as old.

  They started allowing people into the auditorium and I over heard it would hold  600 people. People slowly drifted in, and right before the show it was pretty full--if not completely full.

  When David was introduced, he came out looking so handsome! He had a dark gray suit on with a black shirt, which glistened in the light. His hair was a little longer than it was during the summer and was parted in the middle, well styled. He was welcomed with a round of applause and David took it from there. He sang a variety of songs from The Monkees, some of his own old ones, and new ones. I was so engrossed in the shows I really didn't pay attention to what he sang and in what order. I know he performed, "Somebody Slap Me", "It's Not Too Late", "I'll Love You Forever, and others.

David not only entertained with the songs throughout the evening, but also entertained us with his dancing and conversation with the kids who brought him Valentine presents like candy and candy roses. Of course, you had the adult ladies bringing him real roses!

David talked about his fellow Monkees, and said they were doing well. One fan called out and gave him a message from Peter Noone. At another part of the concert, someone asked David to "stand up", to which David replied, "I am standing". Needless to say, it was a FUN evening; one that was relaxed, filled with jokes and an "at home" atmosphere. David ended his concert with a new song, (at least it was new to me) which spoke about people "still being there" for him. It was very touching.

David said, "Good night", and left the stage. He received a standing ovation and returned to sing "Daydream Believer" while the audience stood, singing along. There are no other words to describe the concert except to say that it was wonderful!

The evening wasn't over yet. People gathered to talk to one another while they waited to see if David would sign autographs. Good portions of his fans are folks  that have seen each other during the past year and have spoken to one another on several occasions. Some hadn't even met until the night of the concert. I think that was just as touching as the concert itself.

The attitude amongst the fans was also wonderful. The people that had video taped the concert were getting requests for copies with people offering to pay for  tapes. I heard the people with cameras saying, "No, it's not for sale. I'll send you a free copy!" I never heard anybody tell anyone they'd have to pay for pictures or videotapes of the concert.

It felt like "Old Home Night". People came to see David and were not disappointed. They got a GOOD concert, got to meet some new friends and met up with some old friends. I had David sign the article I wrote about when I met him at Myrtle Beach. He said he remembered me and before I turned away from the autograph table he said, "It's nice to see you again".


I realized on my 2-hour drive home that evening, this was the attitude all night. Everyone was glad to see one another, picking up where they left off from the last concert. The really neat thing about it was that when it came time to part it wasn't like say "good-bye". People were saying, "I'll see you at the next concert.." One almost felt like it was being amongst family.

I think David would have been pleased!"

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