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Cal, Mamay, Sherman
This is my family! My mother's name was Ma-MAY, and my brother was Sherman.
Mom was an unwed teenaged mother, I'm afraid....but that's ok.

William Cat
This was my dad...I think...His name is William. Mom never would admit the affair...sigh...

Little River Inn-Calico Lee's Home
This is where I live. My human mama bought this condo for ME! See how low the windows are?
I've got a screened in porch to sit on, too. The smaller cat-thing is a little statue that she painted to match me. I always liked to sit close to it so people would comment...heehee.

This next picture was an old couch we used to have. I'm just partial to this shot of me. Calico Lee Posed

And here I am, wearing pearls for dinner. I'm a party girl at heart!

Party Cat


Well, that's pretty much enough about my glamourous self, I suppose....I could go on and on.
But I want to show you some of my friends, and it's only right that we have a tribute page.
My human mom has had a few cats before me, and I know there are others that have gone to the rainbow bridge.
Click on the pawprints for more!

calico cartoon

My Glamourous Friends!

Tributes and Rainbow Bridge

Home to Glamour Cats