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The Beautiful Calico Lee In memory of Cal. Her candle burns on.

A Note from Cal's Mom....
Cal was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure (CRF) in October of 2003.
After about 8 months of extreme measures including fluid injections, and enough medication to build a pharmacy, we finally gave up the battle on May 3, 2004.

Cal was loved more than any cat on the face of this earth, and my heart will never mend from losing her. I just have to pray that she is finally free and forgives me for what I put her through to keep her with well as daring to play God and take her from this world gently, instead of letting her go in her own time.
I'll suffer this guilt for the rest of my life.

I fought with the idea of taking down her website, and couldn't look at it myself for almost 4 years...but it's a memorial to her beauty and courage then, and I guess I have no right to take it away now.   She was a very very special little girl, and will never be out of her mama's heart.   Be safe, Baby...and let Bastet watch over you since I can't be there to protect you for awhile.
If there is really a heaven, we will be together again.
I miss you more than life itself.

Thanks to the CRF group on Yahoo, and many wonderful CRF cat owners.
Cal literally owed this group her last 8 months of life....
If your cat has just been diagnosed, please visit these sites immediately.
It may mean the difference of months or years that you can keep her with you.
CRF WEBSITE-Tanya's Site

Calico Lee's Glamour Cats

Hello Dahlings....

Calico Leigh

Welcome to my world of glamourous feline girls and guys....I decided it was time to have a website to show all my exceptional feline friends, and to remember those who have gone to Rainbow Bridge.

As we all know, CALICO cats are the preferred cats. We are smarter, tougher, and much more beautiful than any cat with only two colors. Some of my friends are not as lucky as I am, but they are still quite glamourous, so they will be included here as well.

But, back to Favpurrite subject, of course.

My name is Calico Leigh Lee. I was a very mature lady of 16. I used to be VERY plump. In fact, I weighed almost 30 lbs. But Mama said I was just "big-boned". I was quite sophisticated, naturally, and I knew I was a queen. My mom bought a condo FOR ME...all the windows were my height. I made sure she got a screened in porch so I could watch the birds, and I glared at any of the "ordinary" cats who dare to even glance in my direction. I was tough as nails, too. I would take on anything that looked like another cat. And with my size...well...I usually scared the stripes off even the toughest old tom cats. Opossums were another story...but we won't go into that..heehee.

Calico Lee in all her 30 pound glory
Here I am in one of my typical positions. Aren't I fabulous?

A Prayer to Bast

Lady in whose name we seek redress,
Not in vengance, but in justice ask.
We your children call out in distress

Here us Lady, hear us.
Lady Bast, who guards her kittens well.
Take to your golden heart my cat.
Loved so by us here, now yours
to keep. Hear us Lady, hear us.

Lady of the golden eyes,
take away the vengeful thought.
Still the mind and keep us from the pain
Knowing You and You alone can judge.
Hear us Lady, hear us.
Bastet, Goddess of Cats

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