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                          Janet S. Chilton
                         403 37th Ave South Apt 2
                         North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
                         phone: 843-361-2692


                         I would like to find a position working with computer graphics, websites, and
                         the internet.  I have been maintaining my employer's website, and my own hobby
                         fan site for about two years, and have found that I have a natural aptitude for
                         this, and enjoy it immensely.  My websites can be found at the following URL
                         addresses:  Dick's Pawn Shop; .
                         My hobby website for Davy Jones; .

                         Specific Skills
                         Lifelong experience in secretarial, clerical work.  Most every position involved
                         working with computers in some capacity.  My spelling and grammar skills are
                         near perfect, and I have always handled stress and high pressure well.  I've done
                         income tax work, profit and loss statements, financial statements, word processing,
                         (Q & A) sales, inventory control, customer service, and many other types of
                         clerical work.  Recently I have become adept in HTML language, internet sales
                         and advertising, and internet auctions.  I am proficient with a digital camera, Adobe
                         Photoshop software and I'm learning some other graphics programs. . I have always
                         enjoyed and excelled in writing, editing, proof-reading, and journalistic pursuits.
                         I feel that I have a talent for creating unusual and exceptional websites, and would like
                         an opportunity to expand my knowledge and expertise.

                         Employment History

                         Inventory Control/Webmaster/Internet Sales
                         Dick's Pawn Shop 860 Hwy 17S, N Myrtle Beach, SC  29582
                         From 2/94 to present
                         Maintaining inventory in a computerized system. I am responsible for all
                         inventory in the North Myrtle Beach store, including the listing, descriptions,
                         sales maintenance, customer service, police investigations, and problem
                         solving. Most recently I have taken on the responsibility of establishing an
                         on-line presence for our company, creating and maintaining a website and
                         handling internet sales for the company.

                         Desk Clerk
                         Jamaican Motor Inn  3006 N. Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC  29566
                         From 2/92 to 2/94
                         I accepted a position at this motel to establish myself after first moving here
                         from High Point, North Carolina. I later left on good terms to work for Dick's
                         Pawn Shop at a greatly increased salary and benefits.

                         Credit Clerk/Loan Audit
                         Wachovia Bank and Trust Company  200 N. Main St. High Point, NC  27260
                         From 1/82 to 2/91
                         I held the position of loan auditor with Wachovia Bank in my hometown for a
                         period of 9 years. I was in charge of auditing credit contracts and collateral,
                         preparing income statements, and dealing with branch bank officers.
                         Wachovia combined their individual offices to a central office in Greensboro,
                         NC. I accepted a lump sum severance pay and moved to Myrtle Beach, which
                         was my life-long dream.

                         Graduated 1974 , Excelled in English, Grammar, Creative Writing
                         Ragsdale High School-Jamestown, NC

                         Other Information
                         I am 43 years old, single, no children. I have good transportation, no drinking or
                         drug use, and I am a very responsible, loyal employee.

                         Salary Requirements
                         Very negotiable.  Part-time position and working from my home preferred, but
                         open to discussion of full time also.