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To Kiss a God

May 2, 1998

Davy Jones

is to appear at the coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I've known this would happen for about a month.
As the time draws near, my stomach aches more with each passing day.
The last day sleep comes is Wednesday night.
Saturday morning finally arrives, bright and sunny, and I am a walking nerve end.

He is supposed to come out at 1:00pm. We are at the coliseum at 11:00am.
By noon, I cannot keep from asking every person with a name tag
where to go, where to wait,how to be certain to be there
at the front of the line.

Then they set up the stage for Him.
We form a line in which I am about 5th or 6th.
And out He walks.....

A God in blue jeans.

He speaks for a few minutes, then goes to a table and smilingly invites
the first worshipping lady to share his attention.
Within about five minutes I am standing at the top of the steps.

I wish I could better describe the first feeling of His eyes meeting my downcast, unworthy ones.
But the truth is, the first time I faced Him was so stressful
that I can scarcely remember it. I see the pictures that were taken
with his arm around my shoulders, but most everything that happened is like a dream.

I remember being so very happy, but so totally afraid of breaking down
that I had to withdraw emotionally to hold up. And then it was over.

Fortunately, the stage was empty,
and I was able to sit on it,
no more than 5 or 6 feet away from Him.
For the next two hours,
I sat and gazed at him
with so much love and adoration
that if he noticed,
it should have made him rather uncomfortable.

I watched and listened to him say,
(the accent to die for!)
to over 100 women.
Most of them were in their 40's like me;
some older, some younger,
homely, pretty, heavy, thin.
Most as nervous as I was;
a few even nonchalant.

This beautiful man
made every one of them feel young again,
and so special to Him.
With no sign of fatigue,
He seemed to love it all
and love us for loving Him.
This is not an ordinary man!

And I just sat there,
absorbing His essence,
and smiling and smiling.
And he smiled to everyone:
the combination of an angel,
a little boy,
and the sexiest man alive.
How could a man look this beautiful?

And then,
if my happiness was not already complete,
I found myself
(and almost everyone else)
singing along with the old Monkees songs
they were playing over the PA system.
I know every word of every song,
and most of his newer songs too.
Not immune to this,
David sang along also,
in between his worshippers.
At some point I realized
---I was singing Davy songs ---
The ecstasy had no limits!

Then, the line was nearly gone.
The time was nearly over.
I knew that I would probably
never get to meet this beautiful Man-God again.
So I pushed away my terror, got up,
walked around the stage,
and took my place once again
at the end of the line.

And here, again,
came to His smile,
His eyes in front of me.
And I spoke to Him.

"Davy, I drove 200 miles
and waited 30 years for this.
Could you just kiss me - just a little one?"
How could I ask this from a God???
In a million years I will never know...

But this divine being smiled at me,
stepped from behind the table,
put His arms around me,
and KISSED me on the lips.
He hugged me tight.
And ended my life when He let go.

How can you describe kissing a God?
He wasn't Davy Jones,
the Monkee, the unattainable,
the mega-star I have pictures of everywhere.
He was made just for me.
I died a hundred times,
so filled with aching, agonizing
joy and thankfulness, yearning and need,
heartache, and love.
Love; UNBEARABLE love for this man,
this God,
this fantasy of the last innocent years
of my pre-teens.

Davy Jones from the Brady Bunch I thanked God in Heaven a thousand times,
and I smiled. I was only 10 years old, and I loved this beautiful, wonderful man
of a million dreams.

David Jones,
I will Love You Forever.
You were my first, and you'll be my last.
And my life will never be the same again.
Thank you for the best moment
of the 42 years that I have lived.


Please, God, that you live to be a hundred.
And when you meet the angels
they will be envious of your smile.

I will Love you eternally,


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